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Medium voltage electronic sectionalizers AutoLink
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The ROCKWILL AutoLink sectionalizer is an isolating device that automatically isolates the faulted section of the overhead network when a permanent fault occurs. If a temporary fault occurs, the AutoLink allows the upstream recloser or breaker to clear the fault without interrupting the circuit. Both AutoLink electronic sectionalizer and the wireless version of Autolink, AutoLink, are designed to improve reliability and service continuity.
Key benefits
Increased reliability and continuity of service, discriminating between temporary and permanent faults
Inventory reduction: one size fits all current ratings
Simple and quick installation without special tools
Reduces maintenance time: field configurable and resettable
Reduced operation costs
Key features
Only three voltage levels: 15, 27 and 38 kV
Nominal current and number of counts settable by user
No external power source required
AutoLink family: single-phase, loadbreak, mechanical three-phase and wireless three-phase
Independent of the time-current curve
The sectionalizer is applied in three phase power system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage 10-40.5kV. It is installed on distribution overhead line to isolate fault when corporated with recloser or circuit breaker. When fault occurs on the line, the faults current reaches or exceed preset threshold value, the sectionalizer can remember the tripping times of upstream recloser. When it reaches preset times, it drops down to trip automatically.
Sectionalizer can drop down to trip automatically on the condition as given below:
First, the faults current exceeds presetting pickup current. Second, the counting time reaches presetting value (1, 2, 3 or 4). Third, the circuit loses voltage and the current is lower than 300mA. The Sectionalizer will trip automatically if the aforesaid conditions occur simultaneously. If any of aforesaid conditions doesn’t occur, the Sectionalizer will not trip automatically.
This sectionalizer uses micro-computer and operating trip mechanism and does not require external auxiliary supply.
Technical data
1Rated voltageKV121240.5
2Rated currentA200200200
3Rated frequencyHz505050
4Pickup current ratingA8~400A8~400A8~400A
5Short time withstand current(RMS)KA101010
6Short circuit withstandtimes111
7Short time withstand current (PEAK)KA162020
8Counting timetime1, 2, 3, 41, 2, 3, 41, 2, 3, 4
9Max memory timeS202020
10Max reset timeS202020
11Permissible deviation of pick up current for memory rest time%±10±10±10
12Opening timems≤200≤200≤200
13Main circuit resistanceμ Ω≤400≤400≤400
14Mechanic lifeTime500500500
15Horizontal pulling force of terminalN250250250
16Manual open momentN·m——————
17Manual open forceN≤120≤120≤120
18BIL(phase to ground)KV110185185
19BIL(between gap)KV11022022
20PFWV(phase to ground)dry
21PFWV(between gap)dry
22PFWV of control circuitKV222
23Dirty proof gradeClassⅣⅢⅢ
24Ice proof thicknessmm≤7≤1≤1
25Pickup current (four classes) and Counting time can be set
26Mechanical interlocking for 3 phase devices and automatic reset
12/24kV IEC/ANSI
36/38kV IEC/ANSI
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